Breaking Out of the Box: Engaging Your Pipeline Candidates Through Learning

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Breaking Out of the Box: Engaging Your Pipeline Candidates Through Learning

Organizations today spend significant money on recruiting, hiring and training talent that might not be the right fit for their business. Consider the possibilities of launching a targeted online learning journey that gives you the opportunity to educate potential candidates about your organization’s culture and values, assess candidates’ current skills and their knowledge gaps — all before day one. Establish a focused program that engages potential candidates, and launch it within the broader marketplace to extend your reach outside the current, captive audience within your organization.

During this workshop, attendees will:

Identify methods to engage potential candidates that are a good fit for your organization.
Focus your hiring efforts on those candidates that already possess key traits, skills and knowledge that will set the stage for future success.
Assess how you might leverage pre-boarding to create a more focused individualized approach to onboarding.

Bonnie Evans & Sarah Thompson

Bonnie Evans brings more than 20 years of experience in both the corporate landscape as well as professional services. Evans has been responsible for the overall delivery of learning services for several of Xerox’s professional services, high-tech and major airline clients. In this role, Evans has led major client engagements, including a major massive open online course initiative focused at the partner level of a major professional services firm, as well as many programs focused at all levels of several professional services firms. She is also responsible for leading a major due diligence initiative as well as a major global client renewal.

Sarah Thompson is a principal consultant for Xerox Learning Services from Colorado. As a senior practitioner with more than 25 years of industry experience, Thompson has helped organizations plan, design and implement strategic learning initiatives, including corporate massive open online courses, online education portals, gamification and other innovative learning techniques. She has also managed strategic talent management, including competency alignment and curriculum mapping. Thompson is a published author of industry articles, blogs, and e-books as well as industry speaker. Thompson also holds an MBA. Recent efforts at Intrepid were awarded the Gold 2008 Learning in Pract