Driving Business Agility with Engaged Learning

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Driving Business Agility with Engaged Learning

Today, a strategic training and development agenda goes way beyond making sure the right people are trained for the right roles. Done well, it drives your business agility: empowering and accelerating the ability for your company to pivot, recalibrate and reset to get opportunistic advantage from the inevitable changes in the global business market. Patrick Cournoyer, vice president of people and training at the sharing economy startup, FlightCar, knows quite a lot about driving agility.

It was a big part of his former role in the airline industry with Virgin America and currently is part of the counsel he provides to established, international businesses like Renault and Carrefour as an exchange partner for the Swiss-based strategic learning organization, WDHB. He will bring that context to this presentation and cover these “must haves” when it comes to delivering better business agility with your learning programs:

Ensure Customer Experience: the core of business alignment.
Make it Dead Simple: the elegance (and ROI) of uncomplicating your development initiatives.
Iterative Is Best: linking agile business development with microlearning, perpetual feedback and real-time improvement.
Engagement: forget course completion, this is the most meaningful learning metric.

Patrick Cournoyer

Patrick Cournoyer is the vice president of training and people at FlightCar. He is directly responsible for all corporate training initiatives and organization effectiveness for the team. Additionally, he leads the recruitment, teammate development and internal culture strategy for the organization.

Cournoyer was a member of the founding launch team at Virgin America and played an integral role in developing the values, brand and experience that the company is known for.

Prior to Virgin America, Cournoyer was a key leader in multiple organizations that excel in guest engagement, consistency of product and industry role modeling such as Starbucks Coffee Co. and Eos Airlines. He has studied at Upper Iowa University with an emphasis on business leadership and creativity. He is also a licensed pilot.