How Social Analytics Can Help Align Talent Strategy With Organizational Goals

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How Social Analytics Can Help Align Talent Strategy With Organizational Goals

When you begin to understand the behaviors of your best people (and your worst), your talent management strategy begins to take a different shape. Organizations achieve and maintain success through the actions of people at all levels. A talent management strategy rooted by strong behavioral data enables organizations to help individuals develop into the roles that the organization will require in future. Cultivating a diverse pool of talent for the next leaders to lead is just as vital to future business success as developing the next generation of leaders.

It’s one thing to start 100 online conversations with your co-workers, but if you can prove that those conversations correlate to performance … now we’re talking! Through in-software analytics and Google Analytics, we tracked the traffic, time spent, page history, posts, impressions, etc., and guess what? Top talent behaves in very similar ways.

In this session, attendees will learn:

How to use your organization’s social data to make future strategy decisions.
How to recognize top talent and identify future leaders.
How to empower employees and create a culture of coaching and development.

Chris Salles

Chris Salles is the Director of Learning and Development at Sally Beauty Holdings headquartered in Denton, TX. He is an HR technology transformation leader whose accomplishments have been highlighted by several industry awards. Chris actively serves as a member of both Ceridian/Dayforce WFM and Saba Software’s customer advisory boards.