Leveraging Innovation: Open-Source Learning in the Modern Workplace

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Leveraging Innovation: Open-Source Learning in the Modern Workplace

Trying to centrally manage training and employee development is too slow and too expensive to meet the rapid pace of change within organizations. Recent studies show the half-life of workplace skills are five years or less. How can any group possibly have the knowledge and know-how to keep up with the new learning demands of the workplace? A more organic, open-source model is needed; one that enables an organization to respond effectively and quickly to the rapid changes in workforce skills demand.

These changes provide a great opportunity to use the resources to develop your own virtual academy that supports the skills and competencies you specify. Learn how Pearson and Knoitall are partnering to deliver this novel solution. This workshop will review the four key elements of an open-source model including: learning supplier network, learning mapped to employer needs, sourcing and procurement and analytics.

During this workshop, attendees will learn:

Cost-effective way to harness the innovations in education and learning.
New approach for developing skills in a rapidly changing world.
A method to increase learner appeal.

John Zappa

John Zappa is a co-founder and chief operating officer of Knoitall, which helps employers develop the skills of their workforce through private learning marketplaces. An industry expert on lifelong learning, Zappa has spoken at numerous industry conferences including the Chief Learning Officer Symposium, Society of Human Resource Management and The Conference Board, and has co-authored articles on corporate tuition assistance programs and talent management.