Personalization and Content in 2020 — Turning Research and Innovation Into Impact

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Personalization and Content in 2020 — Turning Research and Innovation Into Impact

There’s a myriad of learning technology from open APIs to artificial intelligence. Further, after selecting a tool, how do learning executives ensure it leads to authentic personalized learning sessions for their employees? In this facilitated workshop, Martyn Farrow, director of Learnovate Centre, an industry led center of excellence for innovation and research and learning technologies, has invited a panel of global learning executives who have encountered the journey of delivering high-impact learning through cutting-edge technology and will share insights on their learnings.

In this session, attendees will learn:

How collaboration with academics, researchers and startups can drive innovation and create competitive advantage.
Emerging trends and key areas to focus on in personalization, adaptive learning and content development.
Which of the latest technologies (open APIs, simulation, artificial intelligence) will become crucial components for organizational success by 2020.

Declan Dagger & Martyn Farrows

Declan Dagger is the CEO and co-founder of EmpowerTheUser (ETU). He is a pragmatic entrepreneur focused on technology innovations to improve talent management, training delivery and learner engagement.
In 2005, Dagger completed his multiaward-wining doctorate research in adaptive learning at Trinity College Dublin. He has worked for more than 15 years in applied research in learning and development, educational psychology, localisation and social media. Dagger has a wealth of experience in designing innovative solutions to difficult problems.
ETU provides award-winning SaaS Simulation technologies to Fortune 1000 and large multinational organisations to assess and train workplace and soft-skills, at scale, cost-effectively.

Martyn Farrows has spent more than 20 years working with learning technologies, as entrepreneur, business development partner, expert consultant and government advisor. He is currently director of the Learnovate Centre, helping to accelerate the growth of the Irish EdTech industry by connecting Irish companies to the global EdTech network. Learnovate is a strategic investment by the Irish government, with a mission is to establish Ireland as a global centre of excellence in learning innovation.