Business as UNusual: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization

Calusa Ballroom D-H

If a company so valued developing its people that it would seek to fashion a best-in-the-world incubator for growing personal capabilities, what would that culture look like?

Renowned Harvard professor and author Robert Kegan will share the results of his team’s scouring of the country for such cultures. What they found is a complete reversal of business as usual where most employees — at all levels — are doing a second job no one is paying them for: looking good, hiding weaknesses, managing others’ favorable impression of them. A Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO) creates a safe enough culture for everyone to come out of hiding, to surface not only their strengths but their “growing edges,” so that one’s job becomes a tow rope. Learn how an organization and its people can help each other to get to the top of the mountain.

Three takeaways:

  • Learn the common features of DDOs: how they differently support and challenge their people.
  • Learn the “business as UNusual” contract: new agreements about feedback, about hierarchy, about mistake-making.
  • Learn the things you can do to begin exploring whether becoming more like a DDO makes sense for you and your organization.

Keynote Address