Robert Kegan

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Robert Kegan
“An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization”

Dr. Robert Kegan is the Meehan Professor of Adult Learning and Professional Development at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. He is the coauthor of the recent book, “An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization,” with Dr. Lisa Lahey (Harvard Business Review Press). The recipient of numerous honorary degrees and awards, his 30 years of research and writing on adult development have contributed to the recognition that ongoing psychological development after adolescence is at once possible and necessary to meet the demands of modern life. In addition to his most recent book, his seminal books,“The Evolving Self”and“In Over Our Heads, ” have been published in several languages throughout the world.

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Business as UNusual: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization

Calusa Ballroom D-H

If a company so valued developing its people that it would seek to fashion a best-in-the-world incubator for growing personal capabilities, what would that culture look like? Renowned Harvard professor and author Robert Kegan will share the results of his team’s scouring of the country for such cultures. What they found is a complete reversal…

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