Stephan Pineau

Training Orchestra

Stephan Pineau
Founder and CEO
Training Orchestra

Stephan Pineau is Training Orchestra’s founder and CEO. Since starting the company in 2001, Pineau has led the continuous growth of Training Orchestra making it the leader in training management software for training departments, corporate universities and training providers. With many notable experiences in the implementation of training management software for Fortune Global 500, medium-size companies and training providers, Pineau offers a solution that allows streamlining of ILT logistics, tracking of certifications and legal constraints, consolidation of budgets, increase in yield management, and automation of invoicing and customized reporting. Pineau has developed successful relationships with more than 250 clients, and is particularly involved ensuring the return on investment of their training management software.

Prior to founding Training Orchestra, Pineau graduated from Dauphine University with a degree in accountancy. Pineau also previously worked in large consulting firms:

  • The Boston Consulting Group, where he was involved in missions strategy and base value management.
  • At Ernst & Young Corporate Finance, where he participated in numerous operations of M&A in the luxury and automotive industry.

My Sessions

Training Resource Management: Using Technology to Manage ILT Cost and Profitability


The term “technology-enabled learning” is used almost interchangeably with e-learning today. However, technology can be used in many ways to optimize all types of training and learning. According to ATD, 70 percent of formal training is conducted as instructor-led — what technology do you use to manage logistics and resource management, scheduling, administration, financials and reporting…