Steven Browning, Ph.D.

Adobe Systems

Dr. Steven Browning
Learning Experience Manager
Adobe Systems

Dr. Browning is a Learning Experience Manager with the Global Learning Strategies team at Adobe Systems. He has taught in the University of Houston’s School of Humanities, the Humanities School and Engineering School at the University of Washington, and the Graduate School of Education at Portland State University. He current passions lie in building out the Adobe Digital University, an enterprise-level learning initiative serving Adobe Systems and its partners.

My Sessions

How to Implement Skill-based Learning in Your Enterprise

Estero B

Deciding to use skills can be an important and strategic part of enabling your organization to understand where your bench strength is strong and where you may need to train. Having skills can help to do this but where do you start? Join Allen Partridge, group e-learning evangelist, Adobe Systems, in looking at five things…