Training Evolution: The Current and Future State of Corporate Learning Modalities

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Training Evolution: The Current and Future State of Corporate Learning Modalities

The corporate learning space is rapidly evolving, thanks in part to the emergence of new learning delivery methods. Technology is transforming traditional corporate learning as much as it has been changing traditional universities, where online enrollment continues to climb. From social learning to gamification, the modes of learning delivery are adapting and being used in tandem to meet the needs of today’s workforce. Yet, knowing when and why to employ one modality over another is a struggle many learning leaders still face.

In this session, attendees will learn:

How different learning modalities drive different outcomes.
How the use of technology is impacting classroom learning.
Best use cases for today’s most popular modalities.
How to use microlearning effectively.
Common obstacles to adopting and deploying new learning modalities.

Jason Murphy

Jason Murphy is the vice president of learning strategy at The Training Associates. As an award-winning human capital development leader with more than 25 years of experience, he has partnered with organizations of all sizes, including various Fortune 500 companies, to drive human capital development and create a culture of learning within organizations. Calling on his education in organizational psychology and behavior, he has created an extensive suite of highly regarded human capital services and programs. He integrates analysis and design into his learning strategy to deliver capabilities that increase competitive advantage for clients. Murphy also speaks annually by invitation at several large training conferences on the neuroscience of learning and the latest trends in learning exploration, technology, and design.