Virtual & Augmented Reality: Learning’s New Frontier

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Virtual & Augmented Reality: Learning’s New Frontier

Google Glass grabbed the headlines, and then Oculus Rift was all the talk. Now Microsoft HoloLens is upping the ante, with countless alternatives in the works. Virtual and augmented reality technology that was once considered niche now has many industries excited and thinking, including the world of learning. With potential applications in fields such as engineering, health care and education as well as industrial front-line uses, there hasn’t been a technology that has created more excitement and buzz in recent memory. Join virtual reality pioneer Gabe Paez and OpenSesame’s Josh Blank for a presentation on the future possibilities for virtual and augmented reality in enterprise workforce learning.

In this session, attendees will learn:

The difference between virtual reality and augmented reality.
The uses and potential of virtual reality and augmented reality in an enterprise-learning environment.
Virtual and augmented reality first hand with interactive demos.

Gabe Paez & Josh Blank

Gabe Paez is the founder of WILD, a technology company creating virtual and mixed-reality experiences and games. WILD has created experiences for a variety of Fortune 100 companies including Verizon, Google, Intel and Samsung. Currently, WILD is working on a platform that combines a virtual reality headset with a multisensory physical set to deliver a next-level immersive experience. Previous to WILD, Paez worked as a technical director and developer creating digitally augmented environments for museums, corporations and special events. He has a passion for life-sized technology and finding elegant solutions to difficult problems.

As senior vice president and general manager of OpenSesame, Josh Blank manages general operations and oversees product development for the OpenSesame e-learning marketplace. Blank works with everyone from the marketing team to the software engineers to instill a shared vision for effective products that meets consumers’ needs.

Blank has a rich background in technology, software development and user interface design, enabling him to create flexible solutions for communication and management challenges. Blank co-founded the Internet services agency PopArt in 1997, and under his leadership, the company quickly became the fifth fastest growing technology firm in the state. At PopArt, Blank created an employee-focused workplace that was named the third best place to work in the state by Oregon Business magazine in 2003. Blank also co-founded Portland-based technology company Eleven Wireless, which provides on-demand software to centrally manage broadband networks for hospitality providers.

A native Oregonian, Blank honed his innovation, management and football appreciation skills at the University of Southern California, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in communication.